Sunroof Glass Replacements

Sunroof Glass Replacement

Sunroof glass replacement has become one of our specialties lately.

This BMW Sunroof Is Tempered Glass

2007 BMW 328Xi – Before

Sunroof glass replacements are something that is starting to become the norm for us. In the case of sunroof glass, it would be acceptable to install a used sunroof glass, as opposed to brand new OEM glass. This would be the case when the customer would like to save some money towards a sunroof glass replacement. However, it is not always the cheapest route. Sometimes an OEM sunroof glass install may be the more affordable route. In either case, we will do whatever works best for you and get you prices on both used sunroof glass and OEM sunroof glass, if available.

2007 BMW 328Xi Sunroof - AFTER

2007 BMW 328Xi – After

We have been known to offer same day, free mobile, sunroof glass services. Know also that sunroof glass replacements are typically included in the glass coverage, if your full glass coverage includes the glass waiver. With a zero dollar deductible, this could save you quite a bit! If you would like to file a glass claim for your sunroof glass replacement, call us and we will walk you through every step of the process, handling all the paperwork for you.

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